Social media through a positive lens

Do you also really love sharing memes? Have you found it easy to virtually communicate with family and friends recently? Why do we enjoy posting pics of us travelling?

How often do we focus on the benefits that we derive from social media? Okay maybe a few of you addicts have those ready for argument’s sake, but I mean it from a place of inspiration, guidance and service.

I’ve been asked to write an alternative view to my older post about social media. I’ll discuss how we’re able to stay connected, being a source of inspiration, finding motivation, using creative outlets, learning to surf the web and understanding two sides of a story.

Let’s dive into some healthy perspectives and learn how to face the digital tsunami we’re inevitably experiencing.

Staying connected

The lock down has shown us what a monumental resource technology has been, especially connecting through social media. We’re able to stay in touch with our friends and family from all over the world, doing so now more than ever before.

Video calling friends and family can be incredibly healing, especially when you can’t travel to see them. I think we have a lot to be grateful for, especially the fact that we’re not dealing with the 1918 pandemic. Imagine if the only way to communicate with the rest of the world was through pigeons?


I do hope that your communication extends further than liking and commenting on posts, as that isn’t really ‘connecting’.

Being a source of inspiration

We have an incredible ability to influence people on social media. Why not utilize this to help other people? If you ever feel like you’d want to serve a cause greater than yourself, it’s now easier than ever before to do just that.

Social media enables us to post about aspects of our lives that could benefit other people. Sharing your exercise regime, your daily habits, the recipes for your Insta-worthy food, your studying routine, your poetry, your philosophy, how you deal with your mental health and so much more, can all greatly encourage people.

There are various ways for us to make the most of our time spent on social media, we just have to be conscious of the energy and content we upload / expose ourselves to.

So long as we’re intentional about why we do what we do, we can all contribute positively.

Creative outlet

As mentioned above regarding sources of inspiration, social media can be used as a creative outlet. It allows people to make a living off sharing their art and what truly matters to them. Remember that art isn’t restricted to a specific genre like drawing. It’s about finding a way to express yourself and allowing people to connect with you in a unique way.

This has also enabled us to work from home and keep going with ‘business as usual’. Being in lock-down has been an incredible source of creativity for many people, as we’ve finally made time to focus more on what matters.

It has also enabled people to start thinking genuinely about what they want to achieve in their life. We’re not limited to 9-5 jobs in an office desk anymore. We have the world at our very fingertips.

Finding motivation

When things get overwhelming and difficult, we can search for ways to stay motivated. There are so many people who upload content specifically to encourage people, to keep them going, to help them stay on track. If you’re ever feeling a little overwhelmed, learn about how others deal with that same feeling.

Sharing our stories and accomplishments can allow us to be a source of motivation to others. When you see other people overcoming hurdles, it empowers you to keep trying. When you see that you’re not alone in this, it helps you feel related to.

This all depends on how well you’re able to work the algorithms and keep your feed in check. We need to learn about exposing ourselves to relevant content.

Learning how to surf the internet

For us to adequately deal with waves of change, we need to learn how to surf. The internet is just a bunch of web-pages that represent gnarly waves. We have to make sure we tread the waters carefully, by studying and actively seeking ways to understand it.

Here’s a great YouTube series to help you with that:

There’s a lot of chaos and misinformation amongst the memes and selfies. We need to become aware of how fake news also tends to go viral; spreading corruption in a different form.

We need to find a balance. The very same resources that we use to empower ourselves, can be used against us. The quality of our relationships, our attention span, the subconscious and even childhood development are all being heavily influenced by the presence of social media and technology.

Two sides of a story

How often have you found yourself defending a story after hearing only 1 side of it? You trust that person or source, therefore, believe them entirely without doing your own research.

We need to understand that social media, like all media platforms, feed off engagement. When people post offensive or contradictory statements, it gains traction and starts trending. We all hop on the bandwagon and join in, further fueling engagement.

So my point here is that we’re barely able to hear two sides of a story IRL, imagine how much tougher it is on social media? We just need to be intentional and a little more conscious of how we’re allowing the technology to seep into every aspect of our lives.

A wise man once said: “Stay woke.”

Regardless of what your stance is, you need to become adept at navigating digital information.

We can find resources to stay motivated and use ourselves to inspire others. We can unleash our creativity in incredible ways and share it with the world around us. There’s so much that we have to be thankful for, especially how we’re able to stay connected using social media.

It’s just as important to stay aware of the influence social media has on us. We need to put in a little effort to understand the navigation, so that we don’t drown in information. There’s much more to it than the click-bait or headline.

I’d like to thank you for your time and support, it always means a great deal to me. We’re all in this together, so we should always share whatever beneficial knowledge we have. I’m going to end this by repeating the quote I used in my previous post on social media.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”

Erik Qualman


2018 was by far the most eventful year of my life. I was lucky enough to explore different parts of the world, experience cultures I never imagined I would & just overall learn to appreciate everything I have. In today’s blog post, I’m going to speak about the benefits of travelling and how it can help shape you as a person.

You leave your comfort zone.

When you find yourself in a foreign city, almost everything you experience will be unfamiliar in a way. The streets you walk in, the people you see, the food you eat, the culture you immerse yourself in & even the language you try to speak. It’s a constant journey of learning and adapting, which is incredible for you as a person. Your mind sort of changes when you’re constantly in a state of adapting: you improvise faster, you accept the discomfort, embrace the language barriers & indulge in the weird food delicacies. This teaches you a lot more than just how to live in other cultures, it teaches you life lessons. Skills that you can cultivate in other aspects of your life and develop you as a person. You also meet the coolest people from different places and become life-long friends with them.

Opens your mind.

You notice how different life is for other people in different parts of the world. It also helps you realize that you aren’t the centre of the world. So often we get caught up in our own bubble with mundane issues, that we don’t realize we’re here for a greater purpose. There’s so much to discover out there and we should never limit ourselves to what’s in front of us. Travelling allows you to see how different yet similar we all are, and that people struggle with the same issues more than you would’ve ever imagined.
Remember: Growth only occurs in a state of discomfort.

Makes you grateful.

Honestly one of the most important aspects of travelling is how grateful it makes you. When struggling to find food that we’re used to or people that we can easily speak to, you sometimes start to miss home. You become grateful for how comfortable your life is and how easy things are. You see how much better off you are in comparison, and learn not to take everything for granted. Contrary to that tho, you also become grateful for how incredible life is in other places. You stare in awe at how magnificent the snow-capped mountains look, or how calm and majestic the lakes running through the country-side are. When you stop for a moment to actually take in how beautiful this planet is, it makes you think for a second about the way we’re treating it and how we can do better.

Enhances creativity.

Another wonderful aspect about constantly observing foreign features, is that it allows you to see things you usually wouldn’t. I’ve mentioned that before but this is seeing things in a different perspective. From the artworks & architecture to the food and culture. From an artistic point of view, the more you expose yourself to, the larger your database is. So without realizing it, you’re inclined to becoming more creative and more diverse with the way you express yourself. When studying the works of great artists, you learn more about yourself through them and it changes you.


The final point I’ll speak about is how travelling allows you to discover yourself. It’s paradoxical in the sense where, when you learn about the world around you, in turn you learn more about yourself. When dealing with yourself in all these different situations, you kind of figure out more about you! There’s always so much to learn and the entire process aids in forming a better relationship with yourself. Here’s a remarkable quotes to summarize it all:
“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” – Anthony Bourdain

Honestly so grateful to my parents for allowing me to constantly travel and experience the world. It’s one of the best things that you can do for yourself. It allows you to leave your comfort zone, opens your mind, makes you more appreciative of life, enhances your creativity and gives you insight on yourself. My advice to you is to just travel! Material gain and accumulation is amazing yes, but nothing will compare to the experiences and memories you form from exploring the world.

One life. One shot. #NoRegrets