Anniversary with the womb

What is the best time to start contemplating everything that has ever happened in your life? On your birthday!

I’m going to think out loud again. This time, I’ll be sharing the insights I’ve gained over my birthday. I tend to use the space to reflect and ponder over what truly matters in life.


Let’s start with some classic Memento Mori. I often realize how much closer I am to dying. It’s a combination of fear and liberty. The question that comes to my mind:

What would you do if you were to pass on tomorrow?

I sometimes wonder why I take my time for granted. It’s a weird roller-coaster of emotions. I either stress myself out and take on too many responsibilities, or I keep my schedule empty and just chill.

When I contemplate my own death, I’m often absorbed into the present moment. Regardless of all the worries, anxieties and stress, remembering the fact that I’m temporary definitely calms me down. The best way to spend my time, is to accept the present.

What time is it? Now… What else is there? 🙂


I also find myself contemplating my blessings. This process is genuinely endless, you can’t truly comprehend how blessed you are. There’s always something that you can be thankful for.

Take a few minutes every single day to just appreciate the wonderful people in your life. Your beautiful family and friends. Your senses, your body, your mind, your intellect, your eagerness to learn, your house, your food, your transport, your safety.

We should also appreciate our mothers more! It’s strange that I get all the attention, when she was the one who struggled for 9 months to get me here. Our anniversary with the womb should certainly focus on our moms.

I also realized that being grateful is a lot more than just words, it’s also based on action. How much you’re willing to do for other people, is a form of gratitude.


The reason I bring up service so often, is because I think it’s combining the realization of death and gratitude; forming a legacy.

How else are we to find fulfillment on this chaotic little blue planet?

When we’re able to serve a cause greater than ourselves. When we’re able to serve those around us out of pure love. When we’re trying our best to be better people. When we’re trying our best to facilitate the growth of other people.

How do you want to be remembered?

That question brings about the notion of legacy. Not from an egotistical POV, but from a rather humbling aspect. What are the values and causes that you want to be remembered for? People won’t always remember what you say or do, but they’ll remember how you made them feel.

Use your birthday to reflect over your relationship with yourself, with others, with the present moment and most importantly with God.

I use posts like these to serve as reminders. We’re naturally forgetful beings, it’s what helps us stay sane (or insane). Remember that you will die. Remember that now is all you have. Remember to help others. Remember to be thankful.

4 thoughts on “Anniversary with the womb

  1. Aah, another set of thought provoking comments and ideas.. thank you for sharing on this important day.
    Some timely reminders as well and most importantly, the inevitability of death..
    Well done. Keep it up and ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.
    Peace and Love.

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  2. Thank you for another great post. I am personally grateful for these posts, they are very insightful and have allowed me to learn so much about myself and the world. Thank you and here is to many more posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much man. It means so much to me that you’re able to learn from them. The teacher learns the most, so always remember to share the knowledge you’ve gained with others 😄


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