Omg why haven’t you updated it’s been like 3456 minutes now (that’s 6 days since the last time i posted), been sorta busy/sick so yeah that happened. (feeling much better now though Alhamdulillah). Anyway, going to be talking in general, on how we tend to get jealous over very stupid things, and hate on others for being different than us. But first, something really deep and meaningful bc i am poet.

(Got some of this from IG, so not all credit goes to me)

“Stars can’t shine without darkness” now if we take the literal meaning, we can see how during the day, when it’s all bright and sunny, the stars which are millions and millions of miles away aren’t very visible, but once dawn creeps upon us (AND WE ALL TURN INTO WEREWOLVES){jk} and the skies turn black(kfc), the pretty little stars become super bright and shiny like lanterns! It’s amazing, subhanAllah how small they may seem to us, but in reality they’re like super duper enormous, some even as big as the sun (I think).  Okay back to the quote, the true meaning behind that is that you can never really shine without having to go through trials and failures, so you shouldn’t give up just because you aren’t shining during the day, for if you wait long enough, you may just end up shining during the night! ~That was some adele rolling in the deep shit right there amirite guys~ stars


Motivators. Well depends really, if you’re actually doing something with your life, and you’re successful because of that, then anyone who hates on you is probably just jealous. Hating on someone because they’re not your type isn’t right, i know we’ve all done it before, and probably won’t stop, but just keep in mind that everyone has feelings, and that it hurts, because it makes you feel like you’re not good enough. ((I do it too, so like we just need to try and stay open-minded, and accept people)) Do you notice how celebs, as popular as they are, all have lovers/haters. It’s a natural thing obviously to just ‘like’ something or ‘dislike’ something, but some people take it a little too far, for example, if i don’t like your favourite musician, then you can’t just start hating on me and call my taste in music bad just because it’s different. It’s not a fair way to think, as everyone has a different taste. (Again, i do these things and i’m trying to stop)haters


No, not the damn Nick Jonas song. Now, what are things that people most commonly get jealous off?

  • A person’s Wealth?
  • A person’s Success?
  • A person’s Love life?
  • A person’s Looks?

There’s much more ofc, but just the basic things, now this also has a lot to do with hating, because jealousy is what usually leads a person to hate on another being. How can stop ourselves from getting jealous? Look at those who are less fortunate than us, the people who have it much tougher than us, people who aren’t as free as us. Basically try to appreciate the things we have, so that we don’t have to look at those who have more than us and that way we can save ourselves from getting “jealous”

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  1. Oh my god I love your blog SO much!❤️ I honestly check up on it every hour too see if you posted something!😂😭😞 Please keep posting❤️ I hope this blog gets popular and goes far!💕 (Zahramalekjaffar) from Instagram 😘


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