Okay a serious thing about this generation (don’t get me wrong, i’m part of it too(OR AM I)) is that everyone is way too quick to judge?!fdsxafc. Like we need to seriously stop judging people we don’t personally know, by their appearance/behaviour/actions as we don’t really know the reason behind it all. We’ve got to understand that people do different things at tough times to keep themselves sane, some people use music, some smoke, some sleep, some may eat, some may pray(always the best solution), and some may even just hang out with their friends. I guess it’s just to help escape reality, loosen your mind for a bit, forget about the problems that haunt us day and night. Everyone has their own little problems that they can’t always share with anyone, and it just sucks up all the happiness out of them, which is why as humans, we tend to react to these things in different ways, and you just have to accept that not everyone is the same. Point being, is that you have to think twice before calling anyone something that may hurt their feelings, put yourself in that person’s situation and see how you would react.(That’s almost impossible to do, which is why everything is never as easy as it is said.)judge

Then you get that asshole friend who always pushes everything to the extremes, and never realizes when enough is enough. Love everyone though, it’s a good habit. (Thanks Aarif for helping realize some of these things) Aarif the idiot with a chicken haircut ❤ (i don’t ever listen to my own advice btw)


Have you realized how fast things come and go nowadays?? Especially trends on the internet, like everybody starts doing something, then when they realize that it’s getting too mainstream they all just start to hate on it, but act as if they never liked/did it in the first place. Annoying, but another thing that’s flying by, is time, like holy shit man i take a nap after school and wake up like 3 days later forgetting what year we’re in, okay no that always happens, but time is really just sprinting by and that is getting really freaky. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TO PSY? He made like 1/2 songs, got some billions then disappeared. Oh and Harlem Shake, haha that was pretty fun to do though (done it in school). REMEMBER WHEN MEMES FIRST STARTED?meme_faces_by_nyrow-d4xmo9u

See how quickly these things came by and then just left? Same goes for our lives, we should constantly remember that we’re going to die one day, and that nothing lasts forever, and that we should stop postponing things, because we may never have a chance to actually do them. “We worry about tomorrow like it’s promised” – probably a very wise quote guy.



I’m not sure why the mood changes so much in all this haa. I bet everyone spammed swag at some stage(me oh me i did).

This has nothing to do with swag but i wrote it in bold because i can ok(because i overdosed on Hardees and that is sssswagggggggalicious). Fun thing to do, just sit down one day and remember all the good times you’ve lived and all the things you’ve experienced( try to think positive ) Just appreciate it all, and hope for good in the future (InshaAllah we all have a happy ending one day). Just be a person that people will speak good about when you’re gone.

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  1. I really am confused as to how I have landed on your page.but it peaks my interests. This is very interesting, your rants to be specific. 👌

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