My love

Okay okay, so you’re probably thinking, omg didn’t he already say no love because he lives in Saudi Arabia?! But love isn’t only in male/female relationships🚣(or homo I guess whatever male/male female/female)
So what is the love that I’m speaking about? Not my family/friends/hobbies, MY REAL LOVER, IS MY BABY SNUFFYY💙💙 Well it’s a normal human(or alien)/pet relationship i guess, but i honestly can’t live without him. I’ve got him for about 11 months now, he is around a year old and I love him to bits.

Like even if you don’t like cats, you just can’t hate snuffy, he is the calmest/coolest cat ever Yoh. I hope he lives a long strong life and stays with me till the end (InshaAllah).

Best friend/Best sister ever probably yeah, we fight a lot bc she’s really annoying and always asks me to get her food(usually kfc), but she always does the same for me, and we always have each other’s back and I love her for that. Though she may be younger than me, she stresses and acts way more responsible.

Okay enough with the gayness, remember that she is very annoying and untidy and she needs to get her shit together.

We can go on forever about this, but my love for football/soccer is beyond what words can describe.Chelsea is my life.
It’s my escape, whenever I’m playing, I just forget about my problems and issues, forget about the world, and just focus on getting better/having fun.

It honestly brings people together, and inspires us to work as a team, FOR VICTORY OF THE BATTLE, maybe I’m exaggerating it a bit(it’s not war), but it’s the bessttttt. I just want to be able to go to London one day and watch a live Chelsea game at the Stamford Bridge.

I love my friends more than anything in the world(I might be saying that for everything, but I really mean it), they’re always there for me, and I’m always there for them, we’re like a family. The usual hangout spot is my house, and I absolutely love that, because they can just come over anytime of the week, hit up a game of FIFA/get some kfc, then call it a day.


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