Hi, okay so i previously mentioned how i previously mentioned how i have no idea what to do ( makes sense ) so it’s time to take this thing seriously and make a career out of it(jk). So in total i got like 61 most views and omg i feel really famous thank you all, even tho i posted it on IG and i have like 1K+ followers, whatever i’m sure they’re all so enthused by the fact that i’m actually starting a blog and fainted yeah. J.K.Rowling ain’t got nothing on me.

So what is the point of this? Well people who usually blog probably understand it better, but from my point of view, i feel like it’s just a way to open up, spit out whatever is going on inside this crazy mind, which is a little delusional i must say, but quite erratic.

As most of you know, i’m really into photography, and really enjoy editing the photos i take. It’s actually something really random because i took pictures of like anything and everything when i went to Capetown, and people actually liked them and i was like “oh sweet”, so that got me into all this.

One of the pictures that i took in today’s bipolar weather:


Back to the weather, it’s actually been really breathtaking, compared to the last couple of years where the rain just flooded everything. I mean it actually thunder-stormed the whole night and then the sun came up the next day?!

FOOD, well my love for food is more than ordinary, it’s more of a job really, i can eat kfc everyday without getting tired of it ( call me unhealthy but i enjoy it, so screw what you think.) I also really love cupcakes and oreos, and for some reason have an obsession with blue colouring (blue food because blue is my favourite colour)

I guess that’s it for today yay.

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