How to blog

Okay so basically I just started this thing, I have no idea how it works, please help


5 thoughts on “How to blog

  1. Let me help u out on this quickly,

    In wordpress u get posts / pages ..

    ° post people generally use for their stories..
    ° pages for about, contact ect or if u want to put up a gallery ..

    Install a plugin called Jetpack its really good easy to see your site statistics & it has something called; follow via email ( people can subscribe and every time u post they get an email( only for posts not pages ..)

    Change themes & make your blog cool :p

    I recommEnd a responsive theme (so that u can see it nicely from all browsers and devices (pc, laptop, tablet & phones )

    need any more help reply to this comment 🙂

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  2. Oh I forgot to mention:

    when posting a post lol categorize them u can add categories eg jokes, pictures, music ect ..

    Also change the widgets ( the tabs like meta login and so on ..

    my offer is still open 😉 so if u need any help reply to the comment and I will reply back ..


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